Mobile Africa

Whether in New York or Nairobi, mobile phones have revolutionized our world.  Nowhere is this change more evident than in Africa.  With a lack of landline infrastructure, mobile phone usage has grown on average 40% annually, or around twice the global average (UN Data), making it one of the fastest developing markets in the world. As people clamor for new and inventive ways to use their phone to improve their quality of life, phones are being used in more ways and in more places than anyone in the business could have predicted. Safaricom and Vodafone are using their M-PESA program to bring new life to the economy and Text to Change is bringing healthcare and awareness, improving the quality of life for many millions of Africans daily. If the mobile phone can save body and economy, why not soul? Pioneer Bible Translators’ Digital Scriptures Project will bring life-giving scriptures to millions of literate and illiterate Africans – anyone with a mobile phone.